Training Grants

Training Grants

A grant is a way the government funds your ideas and projects to provide public service and stimulate the economy.  The State of Arkansas funds your training and workforce development projects through the Office of Skills Development (OSD).  

OSD makes strategic investments in the state’s workforce through OSD Training Grants. These grants support local businesses and the Arkansas workforce by providing funding and support for professional employee development, reduce gaps in worker skills, and provide customized technical training.

These grants support the Arkansas work-force by assisting businesses to provide cutting-edge, customized employee training. Employers can find the qualifications, requirements, application, and performance reports for receiving an OSD grant online or by contacting the OSD Office.

Workforce Development Grant Categories

The State of Arkansas makes strategic investments in the state’s workforce through OSD training grants. These grants support the Arkansas workforce by assisting businesses to provide cutting edge, customized employee training.

Workforce development is necessary for businesses in all sectors of industry, as well as their employees, to thrive.  Through the Office of Skills Development, the State of Arkansas invests in the ongoing training and development of employees to create economic prosperity for individuals, businesses, and communities within the state.

  • Grow Our Own: Available to businesses headquartered in Arkansas with 250 or fewer employees. Maximum Level of funding available is 75%

  • Customized Technical: Underwrites technical training customized for certain industries, skills or equipment. Maximum Level of funding available is 75%
  • Professional Development: Encompasses soft skills training or core academic skills, as appropriate for the position. Maximum Level of funding available is 50%

  • Skills Gap: Addresses critical gaps in workforce skills in a specific region or industry. Maximum Level of funding available is TBD

For more information: 501-683-1152

Grants to Meet Your Unique Business Needs

Grow Our Own Grants

Grow Our Own Grants are available to businesses headquartered in Arkansas that have 250 or few employees. This grant reimburses a maximum amount of 75% of allowed training expenses.

Customized Technical Grants

Customized Technical Grants are typically associated with highly technical training specific to or customized for a certain industry, skill, or equipment. This grant reimburses a maximum amount of 75% of allowed training expenses.

Professional Development Grants

Professional development grants reimburse basic professional or academic training to help equip employees for success. This includes skills such as leadership, conflict resolution, and teamwork. This grant reimburses companies with up to 50% of training expenses.

Skills Gap Grants

Skills Gap Grants address the growing gap between employer workforce needs and the skills of the current workforce. This grant is designed to address critical gaps in workforce skills in a particular region or industry rather than a specific business. These are not typically granted to individual businesses, so funding levels are not pre-determined.

Higher Industry Readiness through Educational Development (HIRED), Competitive RFPs Sought

Preparing and encouraging Arkansans to pursue high-demand jobs is essential to building a skilled and employment-ready workforce. Programs offering short-term career and technical training for skill attainment and industry-recognized credentials and those producing academic credit credentials are critical to Arkansas’ economic development.

The Arkansas Division of Higher Education and the Arkansas Department of Commerce are receiving competitive Request for Proposals (RFP) for workforce development funding. You can download a summary, read FAQs, or submit a question.

Technological advances, workplace automation, competition, and an aging workforce challenge the effectiveness of Arkansas businesses, leave some employees lagging behind the needs of their employers, and reduce the pool of potential employees.  Arkansas employers must maintain a workforce development strategy to help create, sustain, and retain a viable workforce.

Businesses can apply for a variety of Workforce Development Grants that offset the costs for employee training  It is a win-win for companies since the benefits go beyond immediate increase in their employees’ skills. Studies have proven that workforce development increases job satisfaction, reduces the turnover rate, increases efficiency, improves productivity, and increases employee contribution and innovation.

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