Arkansas Office of

Skills Development


State Apprenticeship Coordination Steering Committee Members

Andrew “Greg” Aleshire
Aleshire Electric
(Term Expires 12/01/2022)

Bill Roachell
Associated Builders & Contractors of Arkansas
(Term Expires 12/01/2022)


(Term Expires )

Nanci Caillouet
TANF Western Arkansas Planning and Development District
(Term Expires 12/01/2022)

Karen Breashears
National Apprenticeship Training Foundation
(Term Expires 12/01/2022)

Kelley Sharp
NWA Plumbing School, UA Facility Maintenance
(Term Expires 12/01/2022)

David Stephens
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
(Term Expires 12/01/2022)

Bill Allison
VP of Workforce, National Park College
(Term Expires 12/01/2025)

Brandon "Heath" Harris
Jonesboro Area Plumbing
(Term Expires 12/01/2025)

Marybeth Hatch
ADE, Div of Vocational & Technical Education
(Term Expires 12/01/2025)

Ed Carrington
Carrington Electric
(Term Expires 12/01/2025)

The mission of the Arkansas Apprenticeship Coordination Steering Committee (AACSC) is to review, approve, oversee, and maintain a comprehensive statewide plan of apprenticeship training through the collaborative efforts of business and industry, labor, education, and government for the purpose of aiding the citizens of Arkansas in acquiring, maintaining, and/or improving their occupational skills in order to have a better lifestyle for themselves and future generations of Arkansans.